Unasco Gold Thread Seal Tape


*Unasco's finest quality, maximum density tape designed for application in critical areas.


Unasco Gold Tape provides a quality seal with just one and a half wraps!



Unasco Gold Tape's extra thickness provides a superior seal.



Unasco Gold Tape is a premium, unstretched thread seal tape.


As is the case with other Unasco tape, Unasco Gold Tape is clean, non-toxic, chemically resistant, and has an unlimited shelf life.


Unasco Gold Tape is durable and tough, making it ideally suited to applications which demand exacting standards of reliability.


Unasco Gold Tape is recommended for chemical applications.


Unasco Gold Tape is available in a variety of sizes to meet any application need.


Unasco Gold Tape's GOLD color makes it easily identifiable.



Unasco gold thread seal tape

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