Unasco  Pink Industrial Tape




        *Manufactured to high density standards and ideally suited for water, air and hydraulic applications.


         *Ordinary tapes are overly stretched during the manufacturing process as a cost cutting measure.  Stretching reduces the density of the tape by increasing its porosity.




*Unasco Pink Industrial Tape is  minimally stretched, providing a more reliable and cost effective seal on both metal and plastic pipes and fittings when compared to liquid sealant or pipe compound.



  *Unasco Pink Industrial Tape will not string or shred and fewer wraps are required; it is clean, non-toxic, and has an unlimited shelf life, making it more cost effective.


*Unasco Pink Industrial Tape is thicker than ordinary thread seal tape for even greater sealing efficiency.



*Unasco Pink Industrial Tape comes in a size to suit any application.


*Unasco Pink Industrial Tape's bright pink color makes it easily identifiable.



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