Unasco Yellow Gas Tape


The original color-coded, high density, PTFE thread seal tape developed specially for the gas industry.


*Unasco Gas Seal Tape is certified by gas authorities worldwide.  No other thread sealing product, tape, compound, or liquid, has these approvals.


   *American Gas Association                                    *Underwriters Laboratory

       *Underwriters Laboratory Canada      *Canada Gas Association

    *Austrailian Gas Association                                   *Australia LPG Assiciation



         *Ordinary tapes are overly stretched during the manufacturing process as a cost cutting measure.  Stretching reduces the density of the tape by increasing its porosity. Gas can escape through pores in these tapes creating potentially hazardous and costly leaks.




Unasco Gas Seal Tape is minimally stretched, providing an impenetrable barrier to gases.  It holds higher pressures and is not subject to cold flow or collapse.

*It will not string or shred and fewer wraps are required, making it more cost effective.


*Unasco Gas Seal Tape is thicker than ordinary thread seal tape for even greater sealing efficiency.


*Unasco Gas Seal Tape is superior to liquid thread sealants.  It is clean, non-toxic, and has an unlimited shelf life.


*Unasco Gas Seal Tape comes in a size to suit any application.


*Unasco Gas Seal Tape's bright yellow color makes it easily identifiable.




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